Why Should I Give Up My Car?

What if being car-free meant you’d be richer, thinner, fitter, had more time, could potentially save your life, and was better for your kids? What if not owning a car can make your life better?

The Truth About Cars

A car can be a useful way to get from A to B. When there weren’t many cars, it was quick and convenient. Now there are so many cars, driving means traffic jams, road rage and parking problems. But it’s not just other people’s cars: the total costs of car ownership can often outweigh the benefits: it’s time to do the analysis.

Costs And Benefits: Do The Maths

People moan about the price of public transport, but tend not to do a proper comparison with the the real costs of owning a car. If you do the maths, being carfree can work out a lot cheaper. And have you ever thought about how many days a week you are working, just to pay for your car. 

Think Differently – There Are Plenty of Alternatives

More than 80% of people in the UK live in an urban area. The figure is even higher in many countries. There are plenty of alternatives for getting around: you can walk, cycle, use trains, buses, or taxis. Driving is a useful life skill, but just because you can drive, it doesn’t mean you to have to own a car – when you need one, hire one. Or join a car club.

You will be amazed by the money you save and by the improvement in your health. So don’t believe the car adverts – this website sets out the other side of the story. It shows how giving up your car can improve your life. 

Make a positive choice: go carfree for a better life.

Owning a car can be irrational, not just because of what cars do to the planet but because of what cars do to the people who own them. Being carfree is a positive choice – a way to be richer, thinner, fitter, happier, have more time, maybe even live longer. 

Going carfree is a choice that the car makers, the oil companies, the insurance firms, the finance companies, the health clubs, the diet peddlers, and Big Pharma don’t want you to make: because when you give up your car you can wave goodbye to all of them and say hello to a better life.